Marriage Counselling

We can do more than just survive marriage, we can thrive in it. We are supposed to. But marriage can be hard. At times it gets off track. This happens for a number of reasons. Over the years Mark has worked with hundreds of couples around what works and doesn’t work in marriage and would love to help you navigate it including Communication, Sex, Conflict, Finances, Love and Respect, Parenting, Spiritual disconnect, 5 Love Languages, among others. This counselling will delve into how these, and other issues, arise in your relationship and how you as a couple can tackle them so you can thrive!


  • 3 ZOOM or in-person sessions with you as a couple (1.5-2 hrs each)
  • Recording of all sessions so material/sessions are able to be referenced in the future. 
  • Guided work if needed. 
  • Notes of action points to each spouse provided. 
  • Working specifically with the Prepare and Enrich Course Material that delves into different areas of a couple’s marriage (Communication, Sex, Conflict, Finances, etc.,) 
  • Crisis phone call(s) if needed. 

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