Books & Courses

Books & Courses

As an author Mark has written books on apologetics, sexuality, and New Testament theology. Mark also has a course on preaching that thousands of leaders in North America have taken called The Art of Better Preaching (see below).


The Problem of Jesus: Answering the Skeptic’s Challenges to the Scandal of Jesus 

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“Mark clearly shows us in The Problem of Jesus that no one has been more misrepresented or misunderstood than Jesus. Mark introduces us to the Jesus we find on the pages of Scripture! A Jesus who is irresistible.”

~ Christine Caine, bestselling author, founder of A21 and Propel Women


“Mark’s book The Problem of Jesus isn’t a roadmap for playing it safe, it’s an invitation to join Jesus for the risky adventure of your life! This is a great book!”

~ Bob Goff, author of New York Times bestsellersLove Does, Everybody Always, and Dream Big


“I love the way Mark Clark turns the kaleidoscope, revealing new dimensions of who Jesus is. This book will help you encounter Jesus all over again!”

~ Mark Batterson, bestselling author, lead pastor of National Community Church


“This truly is a great work. If you don’t pick it up now, it will only be a matter of time until someone hands you a copy because they enjoyed it so much.”

~ Carey Nieuwhof, author and founding pastor, Connexus Church


“Mark Clark has a rare gift for deep theological insights coupled with clear and concise writing. In The Problem of Jesus, he tackles and answers the most compelling and important questions our culture asks when confronted with the claims of Jesus. No matter where you personally land when it comes to Jesus this book will deepen your faith or shake your skepticism. My bet is that you’ll not only read it, you’ll also pass it on to others.”

– Larry OsbornePastor and Author North Coast Church


“There is nobody like Mark Clark. He’s brilliant, funny, and compelling all at the same time. In the Problem of Jesus, he points to the challenges and reasons for faith in a way that feels both honest and fresh. This is a captivating look at Jesus and what he means for us today!”

~ Jud Wilhite, author of Pursued, senior pastor of Central Church


“With a poet’s pen, a scholar’s precision, and a pastor’s heart, Mark brings Jesus out of culture’s usual trappings and places him front and square where he belongs—in our hearts and minds.”

~ Ricky Jenkins, Senior Pastor of Southwest Church; author of What They Taught Me: Enduring Wisdom for Changing Times


“Mark provides proper context and evidence for all of us to see and understand the real Jesus in his day and ours. I’m more inspired than ever to follow the Jesus of the Scriptures!”

~ Brad Lomenick, Founder, BLINC; Author; H3 Leadership & The Catalyst Leader


“This book is, I sense, going to be a very significant voice to this genera- tion and others to come. It is culturally informed and sensitive without being enculturated. Like the Jesus Mark describes, you can’t ignore his message in this book, and you can’t be neutral to it.”

~ Ross Hastings, Professor of Theology, Regent College


“With astute insights, biblical wisdom, and cultural savvy, Mark is the perfect person to write The Problem of Jesus. It is a tremendous resource for the skeptic, for the new believer, and for the seasoned saint.”

~ Daniel Fusco, Lead Pastor @ Crossroads Community Church, TV & Radio Host, author ofCrazy Happy and Upward, Inward, Outward


“Mark does a great job helping people get a good look at our beautiful Lord Jesus and how he represents a new way of being human.”

~ Alan Hirsch, author of numerous books on missional leadership, organization, and spirituality; Founder of the Movement Leaders Collective


The Art of Better Preaching (with Carey Nieuwhof)



The Problem of God: Answering a Skeptic’s Challenges to Christianity (Zondervan, 2017)


“This is a great book!”

– Bob Goff, bestselling author of Love Does






Radical Sex: Subverting the Three Most Powerful Sexual Myths of Our Time (eBook)


Paul and the Gospel of God (Red Maple Press, 2013)